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Welcome to the Libsyn version of the Anxiety Road Podcast, this is the involuntary journey finding medical, behavioral health, meditation, relaxation and x=the unknown treatment options and resources for people that have anxiety, panic attacks and phobias too.

This podcast is treatment agnostic. You can find more content and resources at

Sep 30, 2016

This is one is about anxiety and trauma with a real life example and one or two things that you can do to get an understanding about its effects on your condition.

I did make a mistake in the episode, the Self Help Workbook is from the Department of Veteran Affairs, not the state of Virginia. This is what happens when...

Sep 22, 2016

Last week I mentioned the book by Elizabeth Vargas's entitled Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction.  This week, a closer look at the term Dual Diagnosis aka Comobidity.


Resources Mentioned: 


Sep 15, 2016

For some of us with an anxiety condition it is a short detour, it gets resolved.

For others we’ve been on this dang road a long time; some since childhood, our teens or early twenties. The good news is that there is treatment and you might have to make some lifestyle changes but you can feel better.



Sep 8, 2016

Just want to put that out there because not everybody gets depression the same way and there are different treatments. This is not a show about treating conditions like biochemical depression or some forms of PTSD.

For those conditions you will need the support of medical professionals. This show is more focused on the...