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Anxiety Road Podcast

Welcome to the Libsyn version of the Anxiety Road Podcast, this is the involuntary journey finding medical, behavioral health, meditation, relaxation and x=the unknown treatment options and resources for people that have anxiety, panic attacks and phobias too.

This podcast is treatment agnostic. You can find more content and resources at

Jul 8, 2021

An iceberg belief is a self-limited thought. And one of the strange things about it is that some of those self-limiting thoughts can come from your family, broadcast and social media or your culture.

Anxiety and anxiety symptoms can amp up or bring to the surface some of those embedded thoughts.
Those thoughts can pop...

Jun 24, 2021

Still in vacation mode but have plenty to talk about. Part of today's episode deals with digital and health literacy. Well, truthfully I try to sneak it in whenever I can. 
Digital Literacy is "is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information,...

Jun 8, 2021

So many people do not accept that athletes and entertainers are real people with issues. Being an athlete or rich person does not exempt you from being human.
You have to deal with like depression, anxiety or being an introvert being in the public realm. Broke or rich, having an anxiety disorder is rough.

May 31, 2021

In this episode, a quick look at what is self-calming and self-medication.
Words are tricky. In this context, I’m speaking about a psychological concept of self-medication to seek relief from emotional or mental health symptoms.
There is another meaning of the term about the necessity of self-treatment when you...

May 21, 2021

The short answer is no. It is a medical condition. It can be treated 99.5 times out of a 100. 

But many people do not know that they have an anxiety disorder or seek treatment. Some of the reasons for this is what they are being told in certain houses of faith. 
The good news is that is slowly changing. More faith...