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Welcome to the Libsyn version of the Anxiety Road Podcast, this is the involuntary journey finding medical, behavioral health, meditation, relaxation and x=the unknown treatment options and resources for people that have anxiety, panic attacks and phobias too.

This podcast is treatment agnostic. You can find more content and resources at

Jun 14, 2023

After missing last week, I was determined to get an episode up.  I recording and edited it.

The SOS software decided to garble my speech. 

And then it stopped working.

So I turned to my phone and made something happen. It ain't pretting but I dood it.

This is a quick look at the new movie called Minding the LIne, which is a fictional movie about fly fishing, PTSD and coping as best you can. 

I'll get the rest of the episode re-jiggered and try again. 

I might have to miss an episode or two, it is getting hectic at Amalgamated Salt and Brimstone and some times you have to yield to the sulfur.