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Welcome to the Libsyn version of the Anxiety Road Podcast, this is the involuntary journey finding medical, behavioral health, meditation, relaxation and x=the unknown treatment options and resources for people that have anxiety, panic attacks and phobias too.

This podcast is treatment agnostic. You can find more content and resources at

Dec 9, 2018

A packed episode with mental health resources, comic books about depression, WalMart providing space for a mental health clinic and five things you should know about taking Clonazepam aka Klonopin.

If you need support contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, the Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 or text “START” to 741-741.

Resources Mentioned: 

AGDaily has a story about some of the stresses that food producers are facing; they need mental health access and resources.

The story points to a few of those mental health services available, some Canadian and some for U.S. farmers including the one from on mental health resources for farmers and ranchers.

Boston Globe article on Mental Health Therapy at Walmart? It is now a thing.

Book Riot list of Comics About Depression that are Too Accurate to Ignore.

Clonazepam Resources include MedLine Plus, Merck Manuals has a dedicated page about mental health disorders. The Mayo Clinic also has a page about Clonazepam.

Kaiser Permanente has an access point the Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database. I’ll provide a link to the Kaiser site; you will need to click the link on the left side of the Kaiser screen to access the database. You can check here for possible herbal interactions with Clonazepam.


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